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Using Digital Tablet

KBot Content Digitalization


Reduce the time, effort, and most importantly, cost of printing flyers, brochures, business cards, and other print media. When you digitize your content, you eliminate the need for printing and ensure that your hard work doesn’t end up in the trash (or that you paid for more stock than you need - or run out when a lead wants to know more).


Want to know exactly how long your users spent looking at page 3 over page 5 in your agenda? Want to be able to tell your advertisers EXACTLY how many people saw their ad? You can do exactly that with our digitalization products.


What happens when you find a spelling error in your printed menus or flyers? What happens when a room changes in your carefully crafted agenda? What happens when you need to change a speaker image? We have you covered. Updates are easy with digital content.


Even when your printed materials are used, we know they will end in the recycling bin (or more likely the trash can) after your event or if an update is required. Help reduce waste and make good on your team’s commitment to green changes by going digital!  

Using Digital Gadget

$79.00 per month

  • 1 piece of digital content – up to 5 pages front and back 

  • 1 revision included ($25 per following revision)  

  • 10 digit phone number 

  • Unlimited keywords 

Combine with our Ad Tracker to learn more about your customers, constituents, and fans than with any other messaging service.

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