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Get the Confidence of

Data-Driven Decisions

Use KBot Lightning's conversational AI  to create complete customer profiles and be there to solve their problems.

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Identify the Person Behind the Number

After the internet was introduced, businesses began engaging with their customers through more and more digital channels. Many face to face interactions were swapped out with ecommerce stores and social media ads, giving each person a number of digital identities and creating a challenge for marketers to identify their audience or their preferences.


Text is the solution marketers have been waiting for by providing a unique ID of a mobile number that can be used to identify the person behind the number. Text is a two-way communication tool, allowing your customers to respond and provide information about their preferences, providing first-party data that can be used to create a customer profile.

Zero and First Party
Declared Data

First party declared data is information that is knowingly and explicitly volunteered from the consumer themselves. Text allows your customers the opportunity to provide first party declared data through direct, two-way communication. By using text to start a conversation with your customer and allowing them to volunteer the information they want to share with your brand to improve their experience and recommendations, you build trust with your audience and improve your customer lifetime value.


Anticipate Customer Needs

The first party declared data gathered through text allows you to accurately anticipate the needs of your customer and look for the next problem you can solve for them, instead of pushing your next product that may not interest them. As you continue learning from your audience, you can forecast demand based on current customer needs and buying cycles. Two-way text communication makes it easy for customers to share their ideas and feedback for product improvements and align your production schedule to deliver what customers need most from your product or service.

Data Cleanse

Data gathered in text can be used as a source of truth for more accurate data cleansing. The unique identifier of a phone number paired with first party declared data provides you with a more complete dataset to be used to remove duplicates, fix or remove incorrect data, and correct formatting.

The cleansed data can be used to rectify your other systems that store customer information such as your CRM or billing system. Keeping your customer records complete allows you to work more efficiently and provide better service.

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