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Learn more about KLaunch's features and integrations. This documentation includes both basic and advanced features. If there is something missing, please contact us.

Get started with SmartBot360.

Live Chat and Agent Notifications

Live Chat


Desktop Notifications

Solicit evaluation surveys from users

Talk to agent queue


Analytics and exporting

Conversion goals tracking

Track URL Clicks

Build & Deploy Chatbots


Flow diagram bots

FAQ bots

Mini Page bots

Bot-v2: newest and most powerful

Multilingual bots

Verify Email and Phone Number

Catch-all: Improve bot responsiveness

Link bots - Jump from bot to bot

Location services: get address and compute distance



Deploy chatbots

Deploy to Facebook: considerations

Web bot attributes

Automated Follow-up and Texting Campaigns

Texting Campaigns

Create Appointment Reminders

Design Automated Texting Sequences

Design Texting Sequences using Schedule Flows

Design Texting Sequences using Schedule Patterns

Schedule Flow

Document-driven AI

Document search

Question Answering

Google Programmable Search integration


Zendesk integration

HubSpot integration

Salesforce integration

Keap integration

Sharpspring integration

Microsoft Dynamics integration

Google Analytics integration

Google Sheets integration

Facebook Pixel integration

DocuSign integration

DrChrono EHR integration

Active Campaign integration

Twilio integration for SMS and WhatsApp

Twilo bot deployment instruction

Calendar integration - Acuity

Process Square payments

LeadSquared integration

Zoho Bigin integration

HighLevel integration

Aesthetix CRM integration

RingCentral integration


SmartBot360 API and Webhook

External API integration

Advanced Features

Username/password authentication

Superadmin tools

Global Response Rules

Dynamic multiple choices

Organize users through flags

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