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KBot Lightning Event Edge

Up your event game with the KBot Lightning Event Edge Solution. Register your participants, assign hotel rooms and roommates, remind users where their next event is located, guide users to the correct lunchrooms, and gather feedback in real time! After the event, receive images of the event, send follow-up surveys, and ensure everyone has access to review recordings

Red Carpet Event

$3500.00 per event

(all pre and post-event messages must be sent in 1 calendar year)

  • Templates provided for registration, event reminders, in-event connections, and post-event follow-ups 

  • 1 admin license and 3 agent licenses  

  • 50,000 messages (0.52 overage rates)  

  • Access to our training and knowledge materials  

  • 10 digit phone number 

  • Unlimited keywords 

Combine with our Content Digitalization to ensure your program schedules are easily accessible by your users and can be updated on the fly.

Don’t let your professional event look second-rate through a poor registration experience using Google forms or Eventbrite. Ensure your users can register seamlessly on SMS (no wifi required), on your website, on Facebook, or even WhatsApp. Once your registrants have built trust around our Conversational AI – make sure they have that same high-qualifty exerience through the rest of your event, and after the event has ended with KBot Event Edge.  

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