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What is Experiential

Experiential Messaging is a messaging technique that creates immersive engagement between brands and consumers through personalized, interactive, two-way communication.

The difference between experiential messaging and a simple text message

Experiential messaging creates a personalized, immersive experience for your customers using SMS, MMS, and RCS messages with rich media images and videos. Many companies that have already adopted text send simple, one-way messages that only include text. Customers expect more from businesses than simple, repetitive messaging. Because customers expect more from text communications, we created the concept of experiential messaging.


Text requires a level of communication expertise that is hard to find due to text being a new emerging platform. We developed the concept and methodology so we can help businesses harness the power of text with experiential messaging without having to hire a new team of marketers, data scientists, or experts to create experiences that your customers will love.


Value Equation

Our proprietary K3ı Value Equation uses multi-dimensional interactions to deliver a better experience. Many companies that have adopted text, only use it as a one-way communication tool to inform their audience. The problem with that is that consumers expect more from text. It is the most personal form of communication used daily by most Americans.

The K3ı model was developed to create a better customer experience and deepen their engagement by going beyond informing customers to involving them in conversations, and incentivizing them to take action by being available with the information or promotions they need to buy.

The K3ı Value Equation is the basis for experiential messaging. At the beginning of any experiential messaging campaign, we use the K3ı Value Equation to create a balance of messaging that will appeal to your audience.

Identifying Your Audience

Your message is only as effective as the person reading it thinks it is. If your message isn’t resonating with your audience, it’s likely not the right messaging for your audience, it doesn’t speak to them. Accurately identifying your audience is critical to creating experiential messaging and this is where most businesses struggle. 72% of marketers don’t know their audience, so they end up writing messaging that doesn’t resonate and customers don’t convert.


Identifying your audience is the first step to creating an experiential campaign. We identify who is in your audience, their needs, preferences, and goals to design a messaging strategy made to fit.

For more information on text data and data-driven decisions, click here.


Strategic Messaging Design

The development of text messaging over the last 28 years has made it a robust tool with numerous applications. Our team of experts design strategic messaging with rich media and the latest text tools and integrations to create a remarkable experience for your customers.

Strategic messaging designs are made to achieve your desired outcome. Starting with a desired outcome we can tailor an experience for your customers to generate real, measurable results like increasing sales, referrals, donations, or adding loyalty members.

Experiential Messaging Delivers Real Outcomes

Experiential messaging is the key to unlocking the potential of text messaging. Customers expect a remarkable, personalized experience with text. Experiential messaging delivers real returns that impact revenue instead of just generating views and impressions. It captivates your audience in a personal, immersive experience and guides them to a desired action.


Designed to Achieve an Outcome

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