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Conversational AI That Empowers Government Agencies To Connect 1-to-1 At Scale & Engage Like Never Before

Engage, inform, and guide users and citizens through complex processes, registration or renewals, payments, and even qualify constituents before submitted applications.

All 24-7, 365 days a year!

Conversational AI Drives Outcomes
One of the unilateral challenges in government is how to communicate and serve mass populations, individually.  Our technologies connect government agencies to their constituents 1-to-1 at scale like never before:  Easily construct conversational journey's and flows within the KBot Lightning software, engage constituents in real-time conversations, automatically authenticate and register them for programs, connect them to valuable resources, provide digital content, empower their own journey's to learn more, extend wrap around services throughout conversations, and garner data at every turn.

And we can do it in multiple languages...

HIPAA-Compliant and PCI Compliant

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Our chats are HIPAA-compliant, by properly handling sensitive health & medical data, including protected health information (PHI).

KBot Lighting is a healthcare-focused chatbot and we’ve worked with hospitals, networks, small offices, and more for years to achieve the most frictionless HIPAA-compliant chat & chatbot on the market.

Take payments through the stream of text - deal with fewer in-person cash transactions. 

Our web-based & SMS chatbots are natively HIPAA-compliant and can also be used for live chat. No extra steps are needed to secure them. We also support 2-factor authentication (2FA) for added security and privacy.

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