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KBot Lightning IGNITE

The basic of the best! While this does not include managed messaging support or our amazing Conversational AI, it does have all you need to push messages out to your audience. Combine with our Ad Tracker to learn more about your customers, constituents, and fans than with any other messaging service. 

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$79.00 per month

  • Mass outbound messages 

  • One agent license  

  • 5,000 messages per year (0.52 overage rates)  

  • Access to our training and knowledge materials

  • 10 digit phone number 

  • Unlimited keywords 

Send to an uploaded list and have access to our top tips and tricks to ensure your messages are top quality. Get started in text with the best!  
Text is the newest and most powerful tool available to marketers today. Consumers across all verticals want brands to communicate with them via text, yet only 30% of businesses have adopted text into their marketing and customer communications. Text is instant and has the immediate attention of your audience. 

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