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Your Text Success Partner

We care about our customers’ success and ensure their outcomes with real measurable results.

Connect in More Engaging Ways

KLaunch has designed custom text solutions for businesses of all sizes, across all industries

Government/ Politics

Emergency notifications. Directly engage voters, real-time feedback, incite action.


Drive greater support/volutneerism, directly connect with those in need.

Marketing Agencies

Deliver new ways to connect clients with their customers,
accelerate buyers’ journey, or improve lead generation.


Ensure everyone is mobilized the moment strikes, ensure critical updates are read.

Places of Worship

Engage your congregations outside the church, improve turnout, inspire action, drive fundraising.


Drive at-home purchase experience and keep customes better informed.


Keep patients notified improve satisfaction, disseminate info to doctors.


Keep the base informed, notified specific divisions or ranks of key updates, automate notifications and reminders for key duties.


Alert customers during outages, issues and fixes, automate
employee updates.

Sports/ Entertainment

Fan engagement team and management communications.


Reliable communications from registration, family to notify families and students of timely updates for registration.


Provide more timely updates and notifications impacting changes to drivers and/or customers.


"Klaunch changed our way of thinking, within 48 hours we had a home delivery program set up."

Joe Slater - Gleaner's Food Bank Of Indiana
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