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Operational Efficiencies Through Text

Use text to connect communication gaps and improve operations.

Improve Communication

A common business struggle is poor internal communication. Companies spend thousands of dollars on software solutions that solve one individual problem or apply to a single department, creating gaps in communication that drive up operational costs. Text can be the solution that bridges the communication gaps and minimizes operating costs through a strategic communication plan. Our team can devise a custom fit solution that can transform a high-cost operational problem into a simple text solution.

Integrates with
multiple platforms
Real Time
Two-way communication
Text alerts
Update notifications

Endless Applications

Text can be used to solve a number of internal communication problems. Text is universally used making adoption natural for employees. Text can be integrated with your CRM, ERP, or other software to maintain the flow of data through your entire organization.

Check out more on text integrations, here.

Optimize Logistics with Text

Always be prepared for a shipment, by using geolocation text notifications your team will always be prepared for an approaching shipment or an empty truck that needs to be turned around quickly.


Team Notifications

Keep everyone on the same page with real-time updates sent directly to your team. Providing real-time updates throughout the process eliminates poor hand-offs that cost time and money.

Simplify HR Communications

Companies spend thousands investing in HR platforms for employee communication and feedback, but many struggle with adoption. It’s not that employees have nothing to say, it’s that leaving feedback is a task and finding where you’re supposed to leave feedback is another, so it freefalls to the bottom of the to-do list. But with text, getting feedback is instantaneous, employees can respond to surveys and polls without missing a beat.

With more employees working from home than ever, raising your hand can feel impossible because employees aren’t sure how to seek the help they need without seeing their managers and colleagues. Text creates a personal channel between your HR and your people, empowering employees with a resource to raise their hand or address concerns wherever they’re working from.


Designed to Achieve an Outcome

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