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Outcomes-Based Text Campaigns

Real tangible outcomes through experiential text campaigns.

Results or

Your Money Back

By following the K3ı methodology and crafting experiential messaging we guarantee you will see results, we’re so confident you can select from an outcomes-based pricing model to match our guarantee.


Text is the new way to connect with customers

The results are in…your customer actually want you to text them, they prefer it because it is fast, conveniently used, and unanimously used. No apps, no accounts, just a simple text delivered directly to their device.


For customers it’s the simplest and their preferred channel, but for you, text is a powerful new communication tool for you to create a remarkable customer experiences and guide them through the buyer’s journey. The advancement of text makes it easy to create remarkable experiences with rich images and video, polls, surveys, and even complete transactions, all via text.

We start by identifying your audience

72% of marketers don’t know their audience making crafting the right messaging impossible. Text provides the unique capability to identify the customer behind the phone number to create a unique user profile. Two-way communication allows your customer to interact with you and provide you with their preferences through first-party declared data. By separating your real fans, followers, and buyers from the rest of your audience, you can engage with them, learn from them, and they can help you spread the word through referrals and user generated content.


Personalize their experience

Once you know who your customers are, you can tailor their experience and guide them through their buyer’s journey. We develop compelling experiential campaigns designed for your audience preferences to create a personalized experience that builds trust and drives sales.

Text messaging isn’t just for text, rich images and video take a simple message and turn it into an engaging experience that your customers will love.

Drive Real Outcomes

Companies spend thousands fighting for attention on a page with paid advertising. With text, you have their attention and with experiential messaging you can drive real outcomes by building trust with your audience and being available the moment they are ready to make a purchase.


Designed to Achieve an Outcome

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