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Explore Powerful Possibilities Through Conversational AI

The versatility of Conversational AI creates numerous possibilities for business applications

Why Conversational AI, chatbots, and experiential messaging are good for business

Conversational AI, chatbots, and experiential mobile messaging can revolutionize your business for scale.  Connect better, faster, and with more relevance, or build out fully automated workflows. Often delivered through text, Facebook messenger, the web, or WhatsApp these solutions open two-way communication between brands and their customers 1-to-1 at scale and the opportunity to personalize the experience for each individual customer based on their preferences. 90% of consumers want brands to communicate with them via text because it is the most convenient option for them. Information to help them decide to buy delivered directly to their phone, no apps, no user profile, just a text message they can respond to and interact with.

Text For Operations

Conversational AI for Operations

Conversational AI is a powerful and versatile communication solution. Text is often the preferred engagement medium because of the engagement rates. Empowering a standard text with AI can be used for more than just customer notifications and marketing, it can also be used in business operations, engaging with business workflows. It can be used to update your teams on project or product status updates, alert fulfillment and shipment teams of incoming shipments, connect with employees while working remote, automate processes, digitalize content, and much more.

For more information about Conversational AI for operations, click here.

Text formarkets

Text for Marketing

Text is the newest and most powerful tool available to marketers today. Consumers across all verticals want brands to communicate with them via text, yet only 30% of businesses have adopted text into their marketing and customer communications. Text is instant and has the immediate attention of your audience.

Recent research concluded it takes an average person 90-min to respond to an email but only 90-sec to respond to a text message, and that’s assuming they’ll actually respond to your email. Text opens a new opportunity to communicate with your customers and deepen their engagement with your brand, but in order to do that you have to create text campaigns with messaging that fits your audience tied into experiences they’ll love.

Setting up experiential messaging campaigns takes time and experience in a new tool, we alleviate strain on your marketing team by designing custom campaigns for your business, letting you unleash the untapped power of text that generates real measurable outcomes.

For more information about text for marketing, click here.



Text can be integrated to your all of your systems to create a seamless, holistic flow of information throughout your business. Keeping your organization on the same page and optimizing operational efficiency with real-time information.

Text Integrations

  • CRM

  • ERP tools

  • Accounting software

  • HR SaaS

  • and more


KBot – The KLaunch Text Bot

Let KBot assist your customers in real-time and provide a convenient, remarkable customer experience. Improve communication, customer conversion rate, empathy, and customer satisfaction with a custom virtual assistant KBot.


Payment via Text

Complete transactions safely and conveniently all in the same channel. Text to pay is great for non-profits that need a convenient way to collect donations for virtual events and services. For-profit businesses can provide a remarkable customer experience by delivering personalized ordering and complete the transaction all in one place.


Changing the Channel to Text

By changing the channel from a phone call to a text message you can augment your staff capabilities and improve customer experience with conversational chatbots providing human-like customer service to your customers whenever and wherever they need it. Changing the channel to text can transform a high cost, outdated operation into an efficient revenue saver.

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