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by Anthony Y. 10/07/2020

On Average, patients need to wait for 24 days before being able to schedule a first-time appointment with a physician. Booking an appointment is becoming a daunting task; this is a major factor contributing to patient unsatisfaction, forcing patients to consider searching for providers with easier booking options. Managing your practice and dealing with inquiries can be very labour-intensive especially for providers who want to focus on providing the quality healthcare their patients deserve.

SmartBot360 offers the feature to switch seamlessly between live chat and chat bot when needed. However, most inquiries can be easily answered by our AI driven chat bot. Smartbot360 is a HIPAA compliant chatbot built with security in mind since day one (See more about our HIPAA Compliance and security here).

With SmartBot360 you can grow your practice by automating these labour-intensive tasks. This sets you apart from providers who might depend on an employee for booking online appointments during working hours, you can counter that by setting up a chat bot that can book appointments 24/7 and does much more. Here are some ways you could benefit from our chat bot:

Increased Conversion Rates and Engagement

By engaging visitors, you are opening the door to multiple ways you could convert visitors into leads. The first would be a direct conversion, after convincing the visitor to book an appointment through your chat bot that’s available 24/7 to generate leads. In the case of not converting a visitor, you could increase your chances of a future conversion through a follow up.

You can convert otherwise non-engaging visitors by using our integrated CRM systems to store their contact info. You can then act upon this by doing a follow up or by using a follow up bot to do it for you.

With SmartBot360 you will no longer be helpless regarding non-engaging visitors, SmartBot360 lets no opportunity go to waste using effective follow ups. See how a chatbot can help you get more out of your marketing spend.

Guided Navigation

Visitors can sometimes get caught up in your website and might not see certain sections you might want them to see. This can end up in either an unconvinced potential lead or in a lost visitor who doesn’t know what to do next. A chat bot can help your visitors navigate through your website contents by including everything a potential lead might want to know in your chat bot.

With SmartBot360 you can guarantee your visitors will get the information they need to make their decision, offering better visibility especially with visitors who would have had a harder time navigating your website.

Improved Medication Adherence

Show your patients that you care by using a chat bot that will remind them of their medications. Physicians want the best for their patients and medication reminders can be detrimental to a patient’s health. One of the main reasons for the lack of medication adherence is forgetfulness, our chat bot helps eliminate this excuse. Another reason would be mistrust in the physician’s prescription, reminding a patient to take their medication helps confirm the necessity of following their doctor’s prescribed regimen.

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Tailored Engagement

With SmartBot360 you can customize your chat bot to suit your target market by relating to them and having a bot that can answer their most relevant questions and FAQs. It takes advantage of AI and natural language understanding to process queries and respond accordingly. Engage your target audience by having your bot tailored to suit them.

SmartBot360 helps you collect data and learn more about your visitors. This data is best used when analysed and then acted upon by identifying your visitor demographic and utilizing other data in your marketing strategy for greater outreach. Insightful data gathered by SmartBot360 can help you grow your practice.

Convenience and Time Saving

SmartBot360 can really help save both you and your patients’ time by bypassing many unreliable, manpower dependent options. Wait times for booking appointments can make the process very inconvenient but using a chat bot can help make this easier.

Another factor which makes using a chat bot more convenient is that when patients are reminded of their upcoming scheduled appointments that they can no longer attend for whatever reason, they can cancel their appointment instead of filling up your schedule with an appointment they forgot to cancel.

Higher Patient Satisfaction and Retention

Chat bots have turned out to be very useful due to their high customizability, convenience, ease of use due to our AI driven chat bot solution. This leads to the endpoint which is patient satisfaction.

You can keep tabs on your existing patients’ conditions using SmartBot360, thus increasing patient retention for your practice by being constantly involved in your patients’ health management and showing them that you care.

SmartBot360 is the answer for countless practices asking the question, 'How can I manage my practice easily while focusing on delivering quality healthcare?’. Be ahead of the curve and deploy our chat bot. Try a 2 week free trial here.

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