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Experiential Mobile Messaging

Experiential Mobile Messaging drives an outcome. It creates mutual value between the communicator and the recipient. Kerauno Messaging is immersive and interactive, data driven, and empathetic. We will explore immersive messaging and data driven messaging in a second and third article in our series of three articles on experiential mobile messaging.

Here, we dig deeper into empathetic design – a core pillar in building a Kerauno enabled experiential mobile messaging experience.

Empathetic Communication Design

What are you doing to establish, trust, authenticity, dialogue, and empathy with your customers? Empathy is a critical Kerauno ingredient in a productive and functioning customer relationship. Kerauno communication solutions pay attention to a person’s feelings, context, and needs at a cognitive and emotional level.

Businesses have more channels, content, and technology to reach potential customers than ever before. But connecting and building trust with customers is difficult.

Many customers evaluate products and services on price. Many more customers purchase on perceived value.

  • Functional value (like saving time and organization – for example, making payment or scheduling an appt.)

  • Emotional value (like reward and fun – earning benefits for being a loyal customer or having fun through positive distraction in the form of a game, puzzle, or quiz).

  • Life-changing value (like affiliation or hope – for example, part of a group of appealing to identity like AARP or VIP membership, and inspiration to lose weight).

  • Transcendent value (like helping others, this may engender altruism – donating to a good cause after a making a purchase). User groups.

Empathetic Communication Design

Kerauno’s customer-centric empathetic communication design hones into a customer’s motivations and needs from their perspective –

  • We look for ways to help customers make their lives better.

  • We determine customer motivation

  • We provide customers subject matter expertise that helps them solve problems.

  • We listen.

Sending a text is simple – building empathetic engagement takes expertise. Getting it wrong has consequence. 63% of us consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to poor customer experience*.

How it Works

There are three in-action virtues to building empathetic engagement.

Build ATTRIBUTION: We attribute a persons’ perspective and values by the attributions we collect. Text-engagement is uniquely suited to gather a variety of characteristics that describe your customer to establish a better dialogue – directly from the customer, such as motivations, preference, facts, and feelings. Ask your customer questions. Tell them what you hear.

Establish common VOCABULARY: Part of the attribution process reveals common vernacular between you and the communication recipient. Our Kerauno digital social Equity Analysis crawl your internet, the competition, your user base, and the industry to produce the analytic you need to help you build dialogue in words familiar to the recipient. This allows you to work with the lexicon and understanding of the message you send to the customer.

Be ADAPTATIVE. Contextual adaptation is key to establishing a sustainable dialogue. Attribution gives us the tangible data and insight to respond and interact with higher relevancy – content that is context appropriate. What you say and how you say should be “time” and ‘physical’ context aware. The location and spatial context of where your customer may change your delivery entirely.

At Kerauno – Experiential Mobile Messaging matters!

It matters what you say, why you say it, how you say it, when you say it – and who you say it to.

In our January 2021 article on experiential mobile messaging we will illustrate, by example, how to create interactive, hi-fidelity, immersive engagement – entertainment by text, voting by text, personalized ecommerce and more. In February 2021 we will examine audience identity resolution, quality contact data, enrichment, and insight for segmentation. We will illustrate, by example, how to use data services to improve delivering and avoid wasteful marketing and operational spending due to poor data quality.

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