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Kerauno announces rapidly growing experiential messaging company, KLaunch

Today, the global communications company Kerauno, announced KLaunch (, an experiential text messaging company that delivers tangible outcomes through turnkey managed text services. The company has been incubated within Kerauno’s ecosystem for the past 14 months and has spun out of the renowned Kerauno family of companies to further their mission of advancing human interaction through communications.

“KLaunch has consulted with some of the largest global text providers. About 30% of businesses have become the early adopters of text messaging, but many have found that they need assistance with the new technology to make it effective. As part of our mission of advancing human interactions, we set out to solve that problem for businesses to find what it takes to create effective text messages.” said Josh Ross, CEO of Kerauno.

Companies that are struggling to create effective text campaigns are abandoning the technology before realizing the potential of the new platform. Many companies that use text, have been using it to blast out messages in mass. What companies need to understand about text, is that for consumers, text is personal and they expect a personalized, remarkable experience, anything less won’t hold their attention.

Creating the messaging and strategy that adds value and inspires action from your audience requires expertise with the platform and communication. With text being a new channel there are very few that have used text with any real success. KLaunch seized the opportunity to help businesses, non-profits, and government offices adopt the new channel with the confidence of an expert team by their side to handle the design, strategy, and deployment of their text campaigns.

KLaunch offers an enterprise-grade text platform, KLi and fully managed experiential text messaging services, K3i with packages designed to fit any engagement size. They offer text solutions for outcomes-based marketing, supplementing staff capabilities, and operational efficiencies that are designed for your brand and your audience. For more information about KLaunch, visit

About Kerauno: Founded in 2018, Indianapolis based global communications company Kerauno is the worldwide leader in communications software. They offer specific products and services designed to advance human interactions through communication.

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