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by Anthony Y. updated 10/29/2021

Whether you own a small healthcare office or manage the customer experience in a large healthcare company, there are many ways to use an AI chatbot to accomplish business goals. For small offices, a chatbot is usually used to provide support 24/7 by responding to most questions while routing more complex situations to a staff member, but typically chatbots built for small offices do not need to be too complex and can be easily set up using one of our many healthcare templates.

Large healthcare companies have different goals and needs, but chatbots are typically used as an additional way for patients to get instant support or as an interactive patient portal, ultimately reducing call center load by utilizing conversational AI to respond and guide patients. There are many ways to customize SmartBot360’s chatbot, but due to compliance and complexity of integrations, we recommend deploying a simple FAQ chatbot then adding more integrations over time as other chatbot use cases become apparent. Whether a company wants to integrate member ID login into their chatbot, schedule automatic follow-ups with patients, or handle screening prior to appointments, our healthcare chatbot experts can work with you to customize a chatbot to be as complex as needed.

Use of chatbots in healthcare


Help patients quickly navigate the complexities of the healthcare system using an AI chatbot with natural language understanding. SmartBot360 integrates with your workflow and guides each patient according to triage guidelines. Keep logs of each patient neatly sorted and referenceable whether the patient needs digital or in-person help with our CRM integrations or through SmartBot360’s backend API.


FAQ Chatbot

SmartBot360’s chatbot can be set up to answer common questions. Whether a patient types a question in chat or follows a setup flow, SmartBot360’s AI understands the context and responds accordingly.


Getting reviews helps with improving visibility and conversion rates. When you schedule a chatbot to automatically message someone a few days after their visit, there is a higher chance of them leaving a review whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied. Use our chatbot to automatically message patients to leave a review a few days after their visit. SmartBot360’s AI allows for filtering of reviews by sending patients with positive experiences to a Google or Yelp page, while sending a link to message customer support to get further support for their problem instead of having them leave a negative review.


Relieve support staff with a chatbot flow to automatically provide answers for patients looking for testing & vaccine info. Reduce call center load and free up time by answering repetitive questions and guiding/setting up appointments automatically.



Many patients ask repetitive questions that take up valuable front office staff time that can be answered directly by our chatbot. Think of an interactive FAQ chatbot where patients type their questions and get an immediate answer without waiting on hold or for an email reply from your staff. The chatbot improves clinical workflows and both patient and staff satisfaction.

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Screen patients questions prior to their appointment or ask website visitors a series of questions to then recommend a service. We’ve noticed the more a person interacts with the chatbot, the more they will recognize and trust your business. Using quizzes increases the chance of scheduling an appointment or coming back to your website after exploring other options because of the more “personalized” recommendation.

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Set up a chatbot to automatically follow up or message a patient when it is time for their next checkup or check-in a certain amount of time after their procedure to make sure they are following proper steps to recover. Effective follow-up leads to repeat business and more positive reviews.

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