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by Vagelis H. 07/25/2020

Digital marketers are used to defining conversion goals in Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, and then optimize their marketing campaigns based on the achieved conversion statistics. In particular, a marketer may modify a Google Ad, the landing page of the Web site, the position of the buttons and so on.

The same data-driven goal-based optimization can apply to chatbots. SmartBot360 is the first, to our knowledge, chatbot platform that allows defining conversion goals on the chatbot flow, and also offers tools to help optimize the chatbot flow based on the conversion statistics.

A goal in a healthcare chatbot may be defined as making an appointment or selling a service or product, or even answering a patient’s question.

In the next paragraphs, we explain how conversion goals can be defined, tracked and optimized in SmartBot360.

How to define and track conversion goals

First, define one or more more conversion goals, such as “appointment” in the SmartBot360 Management Dashboard.

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Then select specific boxes in the flow diagram of a chatbot that will serve as the “goal satisfaction” as shown below.

The conversion will be triggered whenever a user reaches this box while chatting with the chatbot as shown below.


To track the conversion, you can go to the ANALYTICS page in the SmartBot360 Management Dashboard, where you can see the number of conversion every day and also the specific chats that led to a conversion.

For more detailed instructions, go to

How to optimize the chatbot based on the conversion statistics

Now that you have set up conversion tracking, you need to periodically monitor the conversions, modify the flow diagram of the chatbots and see if the number of conversions increases or decreases. This is a trial and error process, but fortunately SmartBot360 offers several tools to help you identify possible weak points of a chatbot.

In the ANALYTICS page of the Management Dashboard, you can select a chatbot and view its Dropout Analytics, that is, the boxes (states) of the flow where most users drop-out from the chat, as shown below:


Use this information to revise the chatbot flow, and see if the number of conversions will improve in the future.

How to link chatbot conversions to Google Analytics of Facebook Pixel

Chatbot conversions tracking is separate from Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel conversions tracking. A key reason for this is that SmartBot360 is a HIPAA-compliant platform, so by linking the chatbot conversions to Google and Facebook, sensitive information might leak to Google or Facebook.

SmartBot360 does offer Google Analytics and Facebook pixel integration, but these integration must be used cautiously to avoid any privacy issues, as we discuss in a previous article.

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