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Hyper-Personalization is Key to Driving Marketing ROI

Personalization matters, and there is no better way to drive demand and engage customers than with hyper-personalization.

Customers today want to be known, understood and appreciated and they demand that brands know them personally. According to SmarterHQ, 72% of customers say they now only engage with marketing messages that are personalized and tailored to their interests and roughly 20% of people will unsubscribe if the content or promotion is not aligned with their personal preferences.

It is no longer about sending promotions to your whole customer database or performing a feeble attempt at personalization by inserting your customer’s name in your messaging (that is called a gimmick). In today’s world, you are expected to forge a personal connection and to remember who the customer is, their purchase history, what they like, what they think, and what they want. To achieve this, segmentation is essential. You need to group your subscribers into segments based on the criteria you choose, which can range from location, purchase history, interests, behavior, or nearly any other attribute of choice. Using these segments, you can then create dynamic content that is specifically targeted to each segment, or even down to the individual customer, instead of sending the same message to everyone. At KLaunch, we are experts at using data and segmentation to create dynamic content which evokes a positive response and the best part is, we do all your dirty work for you, through our fully-managed experiential text message services.

Text KLAUNCH to 55433 and let us show you how our fully-managed experiential text message campaigns will help you more deeply engage your audience and grow your revenue.

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