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INDIANAPOLIS (June 9, 2023)KLaunch and BlueSky Commerce, announce the launch of FoodBridge, an e-commerce and AI-powered engine built to revolutionize a pathway to economic sustainability for food banks. The turnkey solution was introduced today via an informative webinar available for viewing here.

FoodBridge is designed with food banks’ specific needs in mind and harnesses the power of KLaunch’s KBot Lightning, an AI platform that provides the opportunity to easily build conversational flows for operational and marketing purposes. The end-to-end platform delivers one-to-one engagement via messaging streams coupled with an appless, shoppable digital storefront and powers all messaging communication and support from the time of enrollment to delivery. Once deployed, citizens can shop a food bank’s digital storefront via their mobile device and select free food items as well as purchase food using SNAP benefits at checkout, allowing monetary funds to fuel reallocation and extension of services within food banks. Once the order is processed and packed, FoodBridge orders are delivered free of charge to shoppers’ doorsteps through qualified delivery programs with Amazon and others.

"We know the challenges in this space as food banks remain on a treadmill life cycle of funding to sustain and improve operational efficiencies and scale to meet demands," said Josh Ross, KLaunch Co-Founder and CEO. "An extremely small percentage of food banks are enrolled to accept SNAP benefits, but they work diligently to help citizens gain access to them, only to witness those EBT benefits be spent at corporate retailers that do not provide the same quality of food or value to neighbors. Our solutions move beyond talk and provide world-class conversational AI and e-commerce solutions at no upfront costs to food banks."

FoodBridge is now available to support food banks and can be implemented in three to six months with the help of the FoodBridge expert team. FoodBridge investment will provide food bank partners reliable, economic stability, separate from donations, and ensure SNAP benefits are used toward healthy selections and have more impact.

“FoodBridge’s digital ecosystem lends today’s most powerful technologies to organizations that need them most and, often can least afford to implement them,” said Kevin Lyons, BlueSky Chief Strategy Officer. “We are lucky to have worked alongside KLaunch to help engineer an e-commerce and AI-powered engine that presents such potential for direct and immediate community impact.”

For more information on FoodBridge, please visit For more information on KLaunch and BlueSky Commerce, visit and


About KLaunch

KLaunch, a subsidiary of the global communication software company, Kerauno, automates and operationalizes customer journeys through its powerful conversational AI platform, breaking down the technology barriers between people, process and systems. Allowing organizations to communicate one-to-one at scale and engage in two-way, experiential messaging, KLaunch delivers unrivaled data analytics to inform all facets of customer, fan and citizen engagement. The company utilizes proprietary communication practices, methodologies, the science of words, data and AI bot technology proven to build relationships, improve operations and increase revenue. For more information, visit or text “KLaunch” to 55433.

About BlueSky Commerce

BlueSky Commerce is a purpose-driven professional services company that provides a full range of business strategy, technology, marketing, and talent services to partners worldwide. With more than a decade of experience taking enterprise-level healthcare, retail, government, and consumer products organizations to new heights, our 360 approach to partnership has a strong track record of diversified revenue streams and streamlined technology solutions that promote sustainable and scalable growth. For more information, visit

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