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Understanding the relationship between words and emotion – e.g. The Science Of Words is an advantaged approach to connecting with your customer, followers, fans, and constituents; especially when we were talking about delivering messaging in written form like text where other visual emotional response indicators aren’t present. The contextual word placement, timing, and word choice are proven to make a huge impact on open, click through, and response rates, the overall emotional connection, and ultimately- results. Word choice, imagery, relevance and timing are key components to triggering powerful differences in how the brain receiving the messaging will process an interaction.

While we can’t demonstrate the power of influenced timing through LinkedIn like we can through a text, we can share an example of how words specifically ignite different emotions. Let’s say someone tells you that the time you spend together was “perfect.” There’s little doubt that this is positive, but what if that person had used “amazing” or “wonderful” instead? While all three are positive words, the latter two carry much more emotion than “perfect,” and this signals a stronger emotional attachment.

These kinds of techniques used in conversational AI-bot surveys are very powerful at understanding emotional attributes and affinity to individuals and/or brands in companies. Put simply, the science of words provides deep knowledge to the messaging sender about the engagement and if used correctly will drive up message opens, engagement rates, and results.

Knowing that a word might signal a stronger or weaker emotional reaction might make you think more about the words you are using—or choose other words instead. The MESSAGE MATTERS!

To learn more about the science of words text KLAUNCH to 55433.

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