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Maintaining the sports-fan connection in the Covid-19 era

Every day we awaken to a new and ever-more precarious world under attack by something we cannot see.

In normal times, we seek solace in the well-worn routines of our normal life: hanging out with friends, planning a weekend getaway, going to a movie or concert, and enjoying the hive-like energy of a sporting event.

In the face of escalating restrictions on social gatherings, our safe spaces are disappearing as fast as hand sanitizer and face masks. And one of the most consequential social deprivations is in our gathering at sporting events. Suddenly, to save lives, people have become participants in virtualized sporting events where human interaction is mediated by networks, cell phones, and software. The game experience has been abruptly disrupted by a pandemic. The human relationship among fans, between brand and fans, and teams and fans has been fractured – indeed, compromised

North American teams will lose out on +/- $4 billion in live events by this year’s end.

The sports industry has been largely dark since March 2020. As a result, domestic sports leagues have suffered sizable, unexpected losses. Some sports organizations are learning to survive through the implementation of new technologies.

Sports Brands that pay particular attention to reconstituting human relationships fractured in the pandemic are thriving

Kerauno is creating value and opportunity for a new generation of sports entertainment.

Our methods treat each fan in a way that recognizes universal needs for recognition, esteem, inclusion, and self-actualization. We advance human interaction and reconstitute the human relationship. Our Kerauno platforms enable data-rich, two-way communications with fans that strengthen the organizations’ understanding of who they are, what makes them tick, how to enhance their lifetime value, and how to leverage their social currency.

How do we do it?

  1. Immersive, high-fidelity, personalized, interactive sports entertainment.

  2. We harness the ubiquity of mobile communication. 90% of SMS are opened within 3 mins.

  3. We create new sponsorship inventory and activate existing entitlements.

  4. We eliminate fan-anonymity, amplify segmentation insight through 1st party declared data

In the weeks ahead we will explore communication tactics you can deploy with Kerauno text-engagement services to re-open your sports business. We’ll show you how to synthesize the connections between brands, content, and sponsors. Kerauno text-engagement services enable innovation, consumption, and new revenue.

To learn more, reach me at or text ERIC to 55433.

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