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The Burgeoning Business of Communications Workflow

The burgeoning business of communications workflow!

We are five years into the fourth industrial revolution. Digital technology enables robots to do what robots do best and humans to do what they do best – and in the process, they have more productive, innovative, and happy workers. Many organizations have implemented collaboration tools such as Slack and Teams. But today’s AI has gone beyond the collaboration tools of the last decade. According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, by 2025, humans and machines will spend almost an equal amount of time on tasks in the workplace.

All employees will be affected by automation in their workflows and improved efficiencies and productivity will be the positive results. However, the workflow cannot be digitized without improving the digital skills of all employees and embracing AI Chatbots to augment business processes.

KLaunch KBot technology allows organizations to build their own communication workflows and serve them up via Text Message, WhatsApp, Facebook, or the Web. Imagine utilizing conversational AI to streamline any communications flow all while receiving full data tracking throughout the message stream, reverse appended data upon text opt-in, full demographic information a simple telephone number, easy-to-use GEO mapping, and encrypted messaging through a HIPPA compliant platform!

Fully automated communication interactions can be managed by our design team experts monthly or you can now login and DIY. We are looking forward to generating 5X the outcomes in 2022 for our clients!

To learn more, text Klaunch to 55433!

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