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The Untapped Power of Experiential Text Messaging In Banking and Lending

Text messaging is a highly effective, yet underutilized communication strategy that can build engagement and relationships with customers and prospects at any stage of the buying journey. With open and response rates far exceeding any other channel, financial institutions are quickly adopting experiential text messaging and marketing in their arsenal.


Think about how you use your own mobile device. When do you first look at it during the day? What messages do you check first? Which messages are you most likely to respond to? For most people, the mobile phone is looked at within minutes of waking up in the morning and text messages are viewed before any email is opened or phone call is returned. When it comes to direct marketing, no channel is more immediate or impactful than SMS marketing – with 68% of people actively checking, sending, and answering text messages on their phones throughout the day.

82% of consumers say they open every text message they receive. So, it’s powerful, effective, and results driven.


Augment outbound and inbound sales efforts with a centralized and approved message from the bank/lender, all while sending it in the tone and response of the individual. Bot technology is now capable of mimicking the brand message, tone, etc. and can effectively do the follow-up and outreach that reps often don’t do. Don’t just call or message when a loan is up for renewal or a payoff is requested, stay connected with your valuable loan servicing clients in an empathic and personalized but Bot driven fashion.

2. Loan Processing/Digital Loan Applications

During the loan process (any loan process) you can utilize text messaging to automate and streamline an interactive journey with your clients. When it comes to secure information – don’t send it via text – but simply insert your secure link within a text stream making access to secure data more convenient for your clients. This is all done while personalizing the engagement and interaction.

3. Top of Funnel Marketing Build

Text is such a powerful channel for getting results that you should utilize all other digital assets (social channels, billboard, television, radio) in the organization to flip the script over to a text. Advertising script flipping is highly popular and gets customers in the channel where you can deliver the best results, build deeper relationships, and grow your revenue.

4. Promotional & Sweepstakes marketing

For banks and mortgage lenders, marketing just got much easier with text messaging. With 98% open rates, and messages being read within seconds, it’s the channel to send information to get attention. However, because of the power of this channel it is very important to steward the content well. These huge open rates, couple with the client focus, make it a wonderful place to orchestrate thoughtful marketing campaigns to grow your relationships, business, and revenue.

5. Data Once someone texts into your text campaigns or connects with you at all through text many providers can source the data and records to deliver powerful outcomes, hyper-personalization (messaging that matters to your consumer), and unparalleled results. There is power in removing the anonymity of the leads, prospects, and consumers.


For more information visit or text “KLaunch” to 55433.

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