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HIPAA Compliant Chat

by Anthony Y. 01/04/2021

Are you a healthcare professional looking for an easier way to engage with your patients? You may be interested in our AI healthcare chatbot – it’s one of the few chatbots available that makes use of HIPAA-compliant chats. SmartBot360 is an AI-powered healthcare chatbot that can be used in any setting. Whether you’re a local physician or you’re running a national healthcare chain, SmartBot360 can be of assistance. It can be used to organize patient interactions on a small or large scale. While the chatbot can be set up in minutes for a basic workflow, it can also be customized infinitely to match the demands of your customer base.

How Can SmartBot360 Help Me Manage More Patients More Effectively?

You may be wondering how a chatbot can directly influence your patient management in an effective manner. Taking just minutes to set up with no coding necessary, here are just a few of SmartBot360’s key features that will allow your healthcare office or website to attract more patients.

Optimize Patient Screening and Increase Patient Engagement

SmartBot360 can be used for optimized patient screening and engagement, so much so that enterprises see reduced call center load and small offices may find themselves with an extra (or full-time) receptionist on their hands. SmartBot360’s HIPAA-compliant nature gives you everything you need to automate your general patient screening procedure. You’ll notice reduced drop-out and 20% higher patient conversion rates when using our platform to optimize SmartBot360’s HIPAA-compliant chat flow, and our flow-diagram chatbot builder allows you to easily change the way your chatbot interacts with patients – no coding required.

If you’re working in healthcare on a larger scale, you can customize your SmartBot360 to serve as an improved customer service chatbot. SmartBot360’s HIPAA-compliant chat flow will enable your healthcare enterprise to legally, safely, and thoroughly handle patient questions, appointment notifications, and even online wellness checkups. SmartBot360’s integrative properties with popular healthcare platforms like Acuity Scheduling and DocuSign ensure a seamless transition between commonly known healthcare applications. More integrations can be added to your SmartBot360 upon request.

Upgrade Your Customer Service and Patient Wellness Capabilities with Ease

SmartBot360’s HIPAA-compliant nature would be remiss if it didn’t improve your customer service capabilities drastically. However, SmartBot360 does that and more to assist your healthcare establishment with improving your complete customer life cycle.

SmartBot360 will engage and guide visitors on your website effectively. It can answer real visitor questions and provide immediate assistance to visitors who may be suffering with medical maladies. SmartBot360 can recommend products and services to visitors while remaining HIPAA-compliant. In providing this immediate, HIPAA-compliant assistance, SmartBot360 improves your patient conversion rate by up to 20%.

SmartBot360 can also deliver superior patient care on a consistent basis by obtaining relevant medical information from your patients. This allows your healthcare establishment to more effectively conduct patient assessments and provide related medical information or assistance, and in some cases will allow your establishment to redirect patients to appropriate care practitioners.

By providing instant, 24/7 support to your visitors, your healthcare establishment can eliminate wait times (a major factor that causes visitors to your website to seek medical assistance elsewhere). Because SmartBot360’s HIPAA-compliant nature uses conversational language and can understand patient responses, it can provide medical recommendations and answers to your website visitors instantaneously. This increases the likelihood that your establishment will convert visitors into patients.

Promoting your patients’ well-being and health has never been easier with the help of SmartBot360. By providing proactive chat notifications and becoming invaluable in the patient treatment process, SmartBot360 is able to help your patients stay on track and see results on a consistent basis.

If you’re interested in multiplying your patient conversion rate, screening and qualifying leads, improving your customer service baseline, making more appointments with more patients, and combining SmartBot360’s HIPAA-compliant flow with live chat while meeting privacy and security requirements, give SmartBot360 a try today!

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