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Want better SMS results…work with data!

3 Tips in working w/data for better SMS results

As a marketer you’re responsible for engaging customers. The best marketers leverage KLaunch data services to segment and personalize messaging for a better customer experience. Here’s how:

1. Uploading contacts into our data cleaning and enrichment engine. We take the time to validate the deliverability of SMS and email messaging to your contacts. We increase reach and efficient, reduce error, and bound rates.

2. Enriching your contact records w/demographic information. Simple attribution (gender, income, credit-card usage, location, age, etc+) are insights we use to personalize messaging. Our advanced customer benefit from additional insights across social channels, brand affinity and engagement propensity.

3. Providing and maintaining personal choice. Each contact/customer can choose the type and frequency of messages they opt-in to receive. KLaunch takes extraordinary messages to deliver non-obtrusive messaging, compliant and personalized to preference.

Text KLAUNCH to 55433 and learn more.

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