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Text Messaging Solutions

We create text messaging solutions to fit your business needs.

Put Text Messaging to Work for Your Business

Text messaging is a powerful and versatile communication platform. It can be used to open lines of communication between you and your customers, connect with employees, and even streamline operations through fluid communication channels.

Text messaging can be used in all kinds of businesses, across all industries because its applications are endless and can be completely customized to fit your business.


Outcomes-Based Text Marketing

The age of text has arrived, nearly 90% of consumers want brands to communicate with them via text. It is faster and more convenient for consumers than any other channel today. What consumers don’t want is their text message inbox to fill up with spam, getting in the way of their conversations with friends and family. Text is a personal 1×1 communication and can’t be treated the same as the one-message-fits-all approach used on email and social platforms.

Our outcomes-based text solution allows companies to adopt text into their marketing play with our experts handling the design and deployment of your text campaigns. We’re so confident in the results, we guarantee outcomes.


Outcomes-based text marketing solutions includes a KLi and K3i package. View pricing


Supplement Staff Capabilities

Your staff has more responsibilities than ever and providing customers with timely relevant information when requested is a top priority for customer service but can detract from them accomplishing bigger goals.


Using our KBot virtual assistant, you can assist customers in real-time with a real human interaction feel and free your staff from answering the same standard questions.

Consistent messaging, information, and brand identity

Exceptional customer experience

Free staff to work on other projects

Supplementing staff capabilities with a KBot virtual assistant includes a KLi and K3i package. View pricing

Operational Efficiencies

Poor communication within operations translates into higher costs and lower profit margins. Text messaging is a powerful versatile tool that can improve your operational efficiency with integrated, real-time communication. Text messaging can be used across all departments performing various functions like project/product management, HR communications, fulfillment updates, and more. The flexible, functional uses with text coupled with platform integrations make it a simpler solution than adding more platforms.

Understand your process

Identify areas for optimization through mobile messaging

Implement and execute

Operational efficiency solutions includes a KLi and K3i package with additional services to complete the solution. View pricing
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A New Approach to Text Messaging

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