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Supplement Staff Capabilities

Get more work done with text.

Change the Channel to Text

By changing the channel from a phone call to a text message, you can free your employees from answering numerous calls throughout the workday and provide a better experience for your customer. Text messaging fords you the opportunity to provide excellent customer service that is quick, convenient, and available whenever and wherever they are. No more waiting on hold, no more frustrating phone directories, just a simple text with the service and information they expect.

Your employees will love being freed from the phone cord, giving them more time in their day to get other projects completed.


24/7 customer assistance with KBot

KBot is the KLaunch virtual assistant natural language processing AI chatbot that allows you to assist your customers with a real human feel without the real human cost. KBot opens new possibilities for your business that have previously been restricted by staff capability limitations like afterhours service, high call volume, and low conversion rates.

KBot can act as a personal virtual assistant for your customers no matter what stage in the process they’re in from receiving information about your business, to answering questions throughout the buying process, and creating personalized recommendations for customers.

Complete Transactions through text

Text can be used as an additional channel to complete sales transactions that increase your order numbers and average transaction value. Using KBot with integrations to your CRM, we can design a flawless transaction sequence that provides personalized recommendations, allow for customer personalization, and complete payment all via text providing your customers a personalize shopper in their pocket.


Designed to Achieve an Outcome

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