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Conversational AI, Chatbots, & Experiential Mobile Messaging

Connecting Businesses To Consumers Infinitely 1-to-1 At Scale

Ready for Results?

Connect 1-to-1 at scale with your customers through KBot Lightning, an open canvas conversational AI software that provides the opportunity to easily build conversational flows for marketing or operational purposes and deploy them through text, web bots, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

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Expertise | Powerful Conversational AI Software
Data-Driven Precision | Quantifiable Results

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Conversational AI is transforming business as we know it by providing unparalleled and automated scale to marketing and business operational processes globally.  Our teams have conducted some of the most sophisticated and data-centered conversational AI messaging engagements in the world. There is no limit to what can be designed or built - if you can think it, we can build it

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From engaging fans real-time in college and professional sports, to deep healthcare interactions that empathetically automate and follow-up with hundreds of thousands personally, to streamlining government registration processes and qualifications, to lead nurturing sales, to automating support mechanisms and more.  Our solutions adapt to ensure conversations are cared for immediately through mobile, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or customized web bots. Our conversational AI, chatbots, and experiential mobile messaging software is called KBot Lightning.  The KBot Lightning Software makes building unique and highly scalable journeys and experiences easy through our powerful drag-and-drop, no-code interface. Your team can build these solutions or you can hire our trained experts to design, build, and track every message and engagement.

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74% Call Volume Reduction

Fully built and automated, our AI can respond to infinite conversations and track every engagement in real time with over 99.4% relevance.  Augment call centers with natural conversations instantly.  Design complex flows with ease that connect with thousands of people at once without a human, all while tracking data appended to an individual use. With our systems, you might never have to listen to another voicemail again!

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Interactive Exhibits

Construct highly personalized, immersive, and engaging interactions and exhibits (the Tiger is sleeping - but check the live feed via your phone now).  Operationalize ticket sales, digitalized brochures, interactive maps, moment-by-moment experiences, and make shopping and concession purchases easy. Track all data and engagements in real-time. Follow up with visitors to remind them to come again, and gather feedback about their experiences. 

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Donor Relations Simplified 

Streamline and automate messaging for your donors.  Move beyond blast messaging solutions and open a conversation and automate dialog through 1-to-1 conversations.  Tell your powerful and unique stories and engage in real-time, dialog, digitalize content, build immersive learn journeys, track every interaction and gain 0-party declared data ensuring high touch personalization - all fully automated.  Auto-sort donors based on giving capabilities, industries, past giving and more.

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Payment Via SMS

Unique payment options are available through all journeys and flows.  Don't rely on wifi for donation processing at events. Use an encrypted and PCI compliant flow for payment processing.  Follow up with thank you notes and other personalized messaging moments. 

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Health Care Automation and Personalization 

Streamline every step of the health process through direct and HIPPA-compliant 1-to-1 patient interactions and make the healthcare experience highly tailored and empathetic.  Collect all forms and information through conversational channels instantly allowing providers to facilitate, track and incentivize desired outcomes.  Pre and post-surgery follow-ups, reports, requests, FAQs, nurse and Dr. hotlines, and more.

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Real Estate & Multi-Tenant Support

Market every facet of the buying or lease journey and share unique attributes of your communities.  Digitalize brochures and 3-D render property overviews and inventory, allow prospective buyers to explore an available property via QR code and immersive journey at all hours!  Allow your tenants to report emergencies, send images of damage, fill out vacate requests, renew leases, or apply for in-unit pets all virtually. Plus push all data directly into your CRM like RealPage. 

Real Results with Real Returns

We believe in real results with real returns. Our Conversational AI technologies can easily power text marketing services and text for operations solutions which are all designed to achieve outcomes specific to your business.

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Using Mobile Phones

Starter Solutions -
Introductory Products & Services

KLaunch offers expansive Conversational AI, chatbot, and experiential messaging solutions 1-to-1 at scale through its KBot Lightning software packages with unparalleled functionality and a broad set of features, integrations, infinite scale, powerful and instant data, and over 130 drag and drop customizations (examples: Salesforce, Microsoft, Hubspot, Keap, Google).  However, for those seeking a cost-conscious starting point or a direct and specific product offering, we offer several quick starter solutions below. Everything from low-cost general business text messaging (self service - broadcast - not conversational AI), to digitalized content packages, to event/trade show solutions, to our proprietary and powerful intelligent QR code Ad Tracker. You can get started right away by selecting any of the offerings below and eventually work your way into the more robust and exclusive Conversational AI solutions when you are ready.  

Ignite Basic Business Texting

Starting at $79.00/month

Are you looking for basic text capabilities for your business? Basic Business Text through IGNITE provides the lowest cost barrier to entry into the text world. It's a no frills service and not Conversational AI, but text is easy-to-use and, even if just basic, has better results than email. 

On the Phone

KBot Content Digitalization

Starting at $79.00/month

KBot Content Digitalization gives your business the opportunity to eliminate print costs, go green, and paperless through the digitalization of your brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and programs. This solution also provides extensive tracking capabilities for anyone that engages with your digital content.  


KBot Power
Ad Tracker

Starting at $129.00/month

KBot Power Ad Tracker gives your business the ability to know everything about how audiences are engaging with your ads. No more guessing games with advertising. Empower your business with KBot Power Ad Tracker through KBot Lightning. 

Fan Cheering

KBot Event Edge 

Starting at $3,500.00/event

KBot Event Edge is the most advanced and robust solution for your trade shows and events. Going beyond general messaging solutions, notifications, and reminders, provide two-way conversational message experiences with instant data collection for your events and trade shows.  

KBot Power Ad Tracker  Intelligent QR Codes

Conversational AI 

Conversational AI delivers powerful engagements and interactions through communication technology that connects 1-to-1 at scale empathetically and automatically in life-like replicated human responses.  


From marketing engagements to operational workflows and automation of business processes, there is no better way to universally connect, scale, track data, and grow your business.  

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