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Empower Your Data

Instant collection and personalization for every interaction.

Fastest Customer Feedback Loop

Make Real-time connections with zero-party insights in 30 seconds.

KBot Lightning

Design journeys, connect 1-1 at scale, measure outcomes

Empower Your Data

Instant collection and personalization for every interaction.

Fastest Customer Feedback Loop

Make Real-time connections with zero-party insights in 30 seconds.

KBot Lightning

Design journeys, connect 1-1 at scale, measure outcomes

Use Cases


What We

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Sincere Relationships and Effortless Connections

We prioritize genuine bonds over transactions. With a human-centric approach, we aim to establish connections that are meaningful and effortless

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Enhancing Lives Through Technological Innovation

Our dedication to innovation extends beyond business. We use technology as a tool to enrich lives and deepen communal ties.

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Empowered Solutions for Human Interaction

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Conversations with Purpose: Our Drive

We believe in meaningful interactions. Our mission shapes conversations, our vision broadens horizons


Digital can be complex. Our mission simplifies, adding depth to each interaction. We transform the maze of conversational AI into clear, engaging narratives.


KBot Lightning refines operations. It's about impactful narratives. We're the guiding torch for seamless, strategic approaches.


We see a future where AI enhances every conversation, personal and wide-reaching. A horizon where innovation and engagement are intertwined.


Informed choices drive us. We help decisions be insight-led. Every interaction is an opportunity for greater understanding.

Meet The Team

The dedicated team that champions seamless communication, fostering genuine relationships and pushing the boundaries of conversational AI technology.


Josh Ross

Chief Executive Officer


Jason Ross

Co-Founder, Managing Partner


Don Scifres

President, Mergers, Acquisitions, Investments & Strategy


John Kidd

President of Executive Accounts


Erinn Miles

Chief Operating Officer


Bill Gardner

Vice President of Client Success


John Pfleeger

Director of Strategic Alliances


Tristyn Olmo

Director of Strategic Development

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Your Business, Your AI, Your Data.

Designed as an expansive plug-in extension of KBot Lightning, HumanX is the AI solution trained on your business's unique voice and data.
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HumanX in Action

Witness firsthand how HumanX transforms business communication, offering a seamless, intelligent, and custom-tailored experience across all channels. From intricate data integration to real-time customer engagement, this demo will provide a glimpse into the future of AI-driven business interactions. See the difference HumanX can make for your brand today.

Unlock key support Benefits

Discover the advantages of AI-driven customer service

Increased Efficiency
Valuable Insights
Scalable Solution

Solution Overview

Human X revolutionizes communication by merging structured conversational flows with extensive AI and private LLM insights. This powerful plugin unites the advanced intelligence of contemporary LLMs with the secure, closed environment of KBot Lightning.

Flow Builder with Closed LLM

Easily layer in our current flow builder with the the endless insights of a globally connected AI & clients own knowledge base.

Predictability and Real-Time Interaction

HumanX isn't just responsive; it's predictive. By understanding user behaviors and preferences, it anticipates needs, offering real-time, tailored responses. Transform each customer interaction into a meaningful engagement, fostering relationships and enhancing satisfaction.

Extensive Software Integrations

With over 130+ platform connections, integrate AI seamlessly into your existing tech stack. Easy to set up, effortless to manage – experience a plug-and-play AI solution that amplifies your operational efficiency.
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Security and Compliance

Adhering to the highest standards of data protection, including HIPAA compliance and end-to-end encryption, we ensure your conversations and data are guarded at all times. Experience peace of mind with a platform that respects privacy, champions security, and meets rigorous compliance standards.

Experience Streamlined Customer Support in 5 Steps

Implement Supportivus effortlessly and revolutionize your customer service journey

Step 1

Sign up and Integration

Register for Supportivus and seamlessly integrate it with your existing CRM, helpdesk software, and knowledge base.

Step 2

Customize Your Chatbot

Tailor the chatbot's appearance, language settings, and pre-built responses to align with your brand.

Step 3

Deploy and Engage

Launch Supportivus on your website or app, enabling customers to interact with the AI-driven chatbot for quick support.

Step 4

Monitor and Analyze

Access real-time analytics and insights on chatbot performance, customer satisfaction, and support.

Step 5

Continuous Improvement

Leverage machine learning capabilities to optimize the chatbot's responses and enhance the overall customer support.

Have questions?

Get answers to your most common questions
How easy is it to integrate Supportivus with my existing systems?

Supportivus is designed for seamless integration with your CRM, helpdesk software, and knowledge base. Our platform supports popular systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, and HubSpot, making it easy to connect and enhance your existing support infrastructure.

Can Supportivus handle multiple languages?

Yes, Supportivus offers multilingual support, enabling you to provide customer assistance in various languages. The chatbot automatically detects and translates user inputs, ensuring a smooth and inclusive support experience for your global customer base.

Is Supportivus suitable for small businesses or startups?

Absolutely! Supportivus caters to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and startups. With scalable features and flexible pricing plans, our platform can adapt to your growing needs and help you deliver exceptional customer support.

How does Supportivus ensure data privacy and security?

Supportivus takes data privacy and security seriously. We follow industry-standard practices, such as encryption and secure data storage, to protect your information. Additionally, we adhere to GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant regulations to ensure full compliance.

Can I customize the appearance of the Supportivus chatbot?

Yes, you can customize the chatbot's appearance to match your brand's look and feel. This includes modifying colors, fonts, chat bubble styles, and even uploading a custom avatar to create a cohesive and engaging user experience.

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Experience the power of Supportivus first-hand and revolutionize your customer support.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with HumanX

Step into a new era of operational excellence and customer satisfaction with HumanX, where every feature is designed to empower your business.

Explore the benefits
And that's not Everything

Benefits of

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Transform every touchpoint into an opportunity for engagement with AI-driven, context-aware communication that resonates with your customers

Streamlined Data Management

Effortlessly consolidate and utilize your data with HumanX's advanced integration capabilities, ensuring a unified and efficient data ecosystem.

Personalized User Experience

Deliver bespoke experiences to every customer by leveraging AI that understands individual preferences and tailors interactions accordingly.

Operational Efficiency

Elevate your operational productivity with AI automation, reducing manual effort and focusing on strategic initiatives that drive business growth

Secure and Compliant Data Handling

Rest assured with top-tier security and compliance standards, including end-to-end encryption and adherence to regulations, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Adaptive Learning

Benefit from an AI that evolves with your business, continuously learning from interactions to enhance accuracy and effectiveness over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to hire a development team to implement HumanX in our business?

No, implementing HumanX does not require hiring a full development team. The platform is designed for easy integration and user-friendly operation, allowing our team to manage and utilize its functionalities without specialized development skills.

What makes HumanX similar to having our own ChatGPT?

HumanX is like having your own ChatGPT because it's customized to your business's specific data and needs. It uses advanced AI to engage in conversations and provide information that's tailored to your company, mirroring the capabilities of ChatGPT but with a focus on your unique business context.

How does HumanX adapt to our specific business needs and data?

HumanX adapts to your business by using a combination of pre-trained AI models and your company's unique data. It learns from your specific use cases, customer interactions, and feedback, ensuring that the responses and information provided are highly relevant to your business.

Can HumanX integrate with our existing CRM and ERP systems?

Yes, HumanX is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of CRM and ERP systems. This allows for smooth data flow and ensures that customer interactions are informed by and contribute to your existing data ecosystem.

What kind of support and training is provided for using HumanX?

We provide comprehensive support and training for HumanX. This includes initial setup assistance, training sessions for your team to get the most out of the platform, and ongoing support for any queries or technical assistance.

What sets HumanX apart from other AI conversational tools in the market?

HumanX stands out due to its customizability, deep integration capabilities, advanced data handling, and ease of use, all tailored specifically for your business needs. It combines the general AI capabilities seen in tools like ChatGPT with a specialized focus on pre-built flows, individual company data and processes, offering a unique solution in the AI conversational tool landscape.

Can HumanX handle complex queries and customer service tasks?

Yes, HumanX is equipped to handle complex queries and tasks. It's designed to understand and process a wide range of customer inquiries, providing accurate responses and even escalating issues to human agents when necessary.

What is the process for getting started with HumanX in our organization?

The process to integrate HumanX into your organization is streamlined and user-friendly. It begins with scheduling a demo where you'll see HumanX in action. Following this, a consultation session is arranged to discuss your specific goals and objectives for the AI platform. We will then guide you through setting up your organization's Large Language Model (LLM), including how to provide the data you want the LLM to have knowledge of. This ensures that HumanX is fully tailored to your business needs and equipped with the relevant information to deliver optimal performance. Our team will assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and effective integration of HumanX into your business operations.

Schedule A Demo

Discover the transformative power of HumanX for your business - schedule a personalized demo today and see how our tailored AI solution can revolutionize your communication and data management."
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